Jul 24, 2012

new cat series

I've been working on these little guys for my friend.  Having had a special kitty many years ago, I appreciate what he means to her.  She's chosen the first one but the other 2 are for sale and I already sold 2 others before I had a chance to scan them.  I didn't know kitty pictures were so popular!

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Feb 20, 2012

Spring is a'coming!

As with everyone else I know, I don't update my blog as often as I know I should. Thanks to those who stick with me and rest assured, even though I don't blog, things are happening.

After my show at Tony's/Harris Ave, I put some work up at the WAG art market in Fairhaven. It's a tiny bit of wall space but I'm glad to be represented in Bellingham. Love it there. After I hung that, I went over to a Lot of Flowers and bought a Ben Mann Calendar. Love it!

I'll be in 2 spring shows and am getting my application together for the studio tour in July. Getting juried is so cool and also so scary. Rejection is never fun and risking it is risky. But it makes getting in pretty sweet. Cross your fingers.

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edited 7/23/12: I still have a little bit of wall at the WAG market in Bellingham, through August.  Come check out the market, it's lots of diverse local artists in a co-op setting.

Jan 4, 2012

The other day I hung my work at Harris Ave Cafe (Next door to Tony's Coffee)

I love Fairhaven (Bellingham). I could hang out there every day. It's beautiful and diverse and fun and scenic and they have gelato.

I've had a few cafe shows and the logistics of hanging are always challenging. This is the first time I used monofilament. Some of the screws the work hangs from are facing down. As in from the ceiling-like. This would seem to make gravity a problem but it worked out. The coffee shop was open but the cafe was closed. I prefer closed because I hate asking people to move so I can hang my work when they're just trying to enjoy their coffee or get some work done themselves.

Well, it's up, thanks to my assistant who checked for level while I was on the ladder so I didn't have to climb up and down that many more times. Phew!

So, go get a cup of local joe and check out my show.

Nov 6, 2011

Winter is here again. Oh no.

I love doing shows. Even when sales are down. People say the nicest things.

Buying gifts at a holiday show keeps your money in your community and supports a small business person. I hope you'll look for one in your community.

Sep 27, 2011

My garden is usually teeming with poppies in June but this year something went wrong. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe my chickens ate them. (Because that happens. I have to wrap my pretty garden in not-so-pretty chicken wire for most of the summer and since summer was late this year, so was I.) But I did get a few plants sprung up and one of them is very happy and not even in the usual garden. It jumped the walk and planted itself in the most inhospitable thing that could be a flower bed it could possibly find. It had been a volcanic-rock-covered, no-respectable-plant-would-grow-roots-here kind of spot, but I'm glad the poppies found a home there. The sun hits it from the opposite direction as the usual garden and the light can be very dramatic. As it is my custom, I wanted to get some poppies painted this summer and summer was slipping away. This one started out with grey background and red poppies placed with authority. Sometimes you have to boss a painting around. Then came the blues and yellows, which together, of course, made green. I scratched in some stems and splashed in some light. It must have worked because it sold the first time I showed it. (thanks to my buyer!) Selling a piece its first time out made me feel like I know what I'm doing at least some of the time. Note to artists afraid to show your work: hardly anyone ever says if they don't like something. Showing your work is the best experience to keep you showing. As Nike says, just do it.

Aug 30, 2011

Your average Tuesday in the studio

Okay, no days are average. Some days are very productive and some are frustrating. Some days I can sweep the dust off the floor or tend the garden outside the studio doors and talk to the chickens and watch the birds and fiddle with the music until lunch time.

Yesterday was productive. I finished a painting that I started a year and a half ago. (these things happen) I posted a pic on facebook.com/quintrall.

Today I've been stalling. The house needs cleaned. The chickens need fed. Maybe the afternoon will be better but there are no promises in the studio.

Aug 2, 2011

fun in the studio

My studio is a happy place. Good vibes only, please. I love to go there. It makes me happy. If I head to the studio in other than a happy mood, the silly things I keep there make me smirk. If you missed the tour in July, you'll be happy to know you can make an appointment to visit my studio. I'll probably make you a cup of tea. I love to hear about your relationship to art. Do you make it? Do you buy it? Do you love it like I do? But mostly, I hope we laugh.